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Best Food Wholesaler in Melbourne

We are a food wholesaler established in 2007. Our vision was to reach out to those communities whom willing to continue buying the same grocery where they used to buy at home town. We have commenced with a small group of people and later with the hard work and belief we have grown a lot.


Currently we are working with the top suppliers from around the world such TUKAS BURCU SUNAR OIL TORKU and many others
Tukas the tomato paste and canned food expert, Berrak the pickle king,

Quality Mediterranean and Middle East Products


We have been serving the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern products successfully. We are well known for using the latest technology in packaging and marketing private labelled products. Our main markets are Supermarkets, Markets, Green groceries, other food wholesalers and as well as food services such catering companies. At present we are serving over 1000 customers around Australia mainly in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide Metro. Presently, we have 5 sales representatives involving in day to day deals on their certain areas and 10 company vehicles for distribution purposes. The total staff number is 20.


Since 2007 we have never changed the path from where we are intending to stay thus we have finalised so many valuable deals throughout the years. We take pride of distributing the finest food from the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions.


Bera Foods


Our mission is to be one step ahead from the others in the market.



For further information about products, please contact us on 03 9357 64 65